Music & Videos mentioned or connected to The Time-Bridge Journals 

  - Below is a selection of music - linked via YouTube and Sound Cloud - mentioned in the Journals of the Twinned Souls, along with pieces that genuinely inspire me as I write...
I would most certainly recommend purchasing/downloading the music of each and every one of these amazing artists.

Go The Distance

- Performed by the phenominally talented and prolific songwriter/lyricist: Michael Bolton.
- This piece really spoke to me in connecting to the character of Olympic athlete, Alyse Danilov, and all the struggles she goes through in both books - certainly on a personal level, but also within the context of her training and competition as an Olympic Biathlete. In the course of writing and researching for this series, I became convinced Biathlon is one of the most physically and mentally challenging of any Olympic sport.

Song for a Winter's Night 
Performed by Sarah McLaughlan - made famous by Gordon Lightfoot
   This is the song that was going through my head when I wrote of Alyse and Glen's lovemaking on the morning before the New Years Eve Party, as well as the final scenes of The Janus Paradox as Alyse must confront the new Glen of the divergent timeline amidst an intense buffeting storm of her own creation...

Eric's Song

Written and Performed by the amazingly talented Vienna Teng

  -- These lyrics speak so clearly to the deep bond shared between Glen and Alyse, which is why the title is mentioned twice in TJP - once as Alyse and Glen are finally opening up about how they feel and again when Alyse is forced to recognize that the divergent timeline - however that "bizweirdity" happend - is in fact terribly, heartbreakingly real...

 - My own music:
As heard on The Janus Paradox book video, along with other music from my Celtic-folk music trio, Trilsean, which continues to inspire me as I write... 
Album: Love is a Labyrinth...

- A traditional Irish penny whistle tune rendered with depth and feeling on a Copeland Low-D whistle by Trilsean's GregRobin Smith.  I find it hauntingly beautiful and so reminiscent of Ireland's breathtaking landscapes, no matter what century one might have the privilege to view them in...

The Chanterai of William Marshall - is a song from the 12th century, the same period Hrogn & Aelfwyn live in. Legend says, 'Guilaume le Marshal' - famed as the greatest knight who ever lived - requested his best friend, Sir Jean d'Erly (an ancestor of mine :) have his daughters sing to him on his deathbed... and I sing it here with the wondrously talented harper, Robert Woods.

 - The tune to the song known as Rose Rose has been sung since at least the 1400's.  Over those centuries it has had many different sets of lyrics, descants and counter-melodies associated with it. The oldest of which survives as a simple round - reflected here in its opening verse.
 - In hopes of making 'Rose's story' a more complete narrative, I wrote three additional verses, which I think dovetail nicely with Aelfwyn's own story... 

 - The lyrics to Hungry Lion are universally recognizable as part of Puck's closing soliliquoy in Shakespeare's play, Midsummer Night's Dream. They are set here to a wonderfully original tune written by GregRobin Smith of the trio, Trilsean.

 - This hauntingly beautiful instrumental piece has inspired me through many nights of writing - and rewriting. It was also writen by GregRobin Smith of Trilsean, to honor the passing of his father, Harry Smith, an amazingly talented keyboardist in his own right who worked with such talents as Nat King Cole and others

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