About Cymbric...

    Author, Educator, & Artist, Cymbric Earlysmith, pursues a writer's life amidst the beauty and endless inspiration of the Pacific Northwest, just one of many motivations behind choosing the PNW as the contemporary base camp for her time-traveling soul-kin in the first two Timebridge Journals. 


   Beyond finishing "TimeBound" - Book Three in the Timebridge Journals - Cymbric's background in Astrophysics and History is also put to work in designing and teaching STEM curriculum for ECEAP programs at a local College, as well as creating hands-on history classes for an outreach education company visiting local schools and community groups.  


   As an author, Cymbric's goal is to draw the readers into a story so engaging that their imaginations are woven deep into the complex tapestry of human history all while exploring the source of our most important bonds of humanity.


   Writing about Otherworlds and alternate timelines rich in engaging details and characters to cheer for, Cymbric hopes she's leaving her readers yearning to experience their own incarnation of the truly timeless bond of love and friendship portrayed there.  Most likely, they will also be left wishing for the means to “Janus-bridge” into their own soul lineage so that they too might explore history through the lives of their past or future soul-kin -- at least while they await the revelations in the next entries of the Journals... 

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