About Cymbric...

    Author, Educator, & Artist Cymbric Earlysmith, thoroughly enjoys her writer's life in the Pacific Northwest.  Beyond her main focus of weaving the story and timelines of Book Three, tentatively titled, "TimeBound", Cym applies her background in Astrophysics not only to her writing but also in designing and teaching STEM curriculum for Early Childhood Education programs at a local College.  Her next favorite educational pursuit is creating interactive history programs and activities for an outreach education program that visits local schools and community organizations. 

   The multiple storylines and histories involved in the Journals seem to blend well with Cym's real-world pursuits. Whether she's teaching science concepts to kids, working in her medieval herb-garden, or exploring the fiber arts of hand-spinning and Norse tablet weaving, Cym finds many creative ways to apply her hands-on experiences to her writing.

   Cym is dedicated to immersing her readers in the complex tapestry of human history, as she writes of Otherworlds and alternate timelines rich in inventive detail. All the while, she hopes her stories will leave readers wishing for the means to “Janus-bridge” into their own soul-lineage so that they might explore history for themselves through the lives of their past or future soul-kin – while also yearning to experience a truly timeless bond of love and friendship just like the ones witnessed in the Journals.

   In reviewing Janus Paradox, one of Cym's Beta-Readers wrote, “..the story drove the page-flips late into the night…”

   As an author this is precisely Cym’s goal; to draw her readers into a story so engaging that it connects and involves their heart, mind - and soul - leaving them to wonder just how long they must wait for the next Journal-entry - and might they be able to affect a venture into their own Otherworld in the meantime...?


– The first two Books in The Time-Bridge Journals: Janus Paradox and Janus Cypher, are completed and waiting for Readers to explore, just as soon as Cym can find a willing Agent, Publisher - or both.  Book Three: TimeBound is next...