About the Author...

  - I am an Author, Educator, & Artist, pursuing the glorious obscurity of a writer's life amidst the beauty and endless inspiration of the Pacific Northwest.
 - Even while teaching introductory science classes at a local college, I've always had a deep fascination with both science and history. These wove themselves directly into the inception of "The TimeBridge Journals".

 -  The goal is to draw you deep into the complex tapestry of human history, transporting you to Otherworlds and alternate timelines rich in detail - quests to champion, characters to cheer for - or root against - and all while exploring the profound spiritual source of humanity’s bonds of camaraderie, friendship, and, love - and perhaps the bonds of enmity, as well.

- My further hope is that as you await the next entry into the Journals, you are left yearning to enter the Library of your soul and affect your own Janus Bridge to experience the timeless bonds connecting your soul-clan through the centuries so that you too might explore history through the eyes of your soul-kin.

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