"...The book skids from dynamite to cliff in this inventive Perils of Pauline story... Initially drawn in by the slow brew between Alyse and her Mountie protector, and one-time beau, Glen; the evolving narrative of Alyse's 11th Century soul-twin, Ælfwyn, drove the page flips late into the night. I loved the moments when... I didn’t see that coming! The story is physical, dense, and rich in inventive detail and characters to root for - even the supporting ones. I found a cozy spot in the wintry British Columbia I know and love, while I learned much from the rich language and well-researched details that make Ælfwyn’s story so vivid...."

  - From US reader review by Melissa Litwin.

"An inspired time-travel adventure - with an intriguing paranormal twist..."
  - From UK Reader Review by
Sandra Larsen

Nexum Fortior Quam Tempus…

A bond, woven over the centuries,

mysteriously frayed by a modern peril,

can only be mended by strangers

returning to their shared past,

challenged to once more rekindle

~ and with courage ~

reweave a kinship of soul that

has been born and born again

~ a bond that has transcended the ages.

Nexum Fortior Quam Tempus

~ A Bond Stronger Than Time ~

   Author Cymbric Earlysmith ignites the imagination with her series, the Timebridge Journals, a time-travel adventure rooted in nothing less than the quantum entanglement of souls and all while exploring fundamental questions about the nature of our deepest human connections. 


   The Journals present a time-bending story of friendship and devotion as US Olympic athlete, Alyse Danilov, and Sgt. Glen Roderick, RCMP, encounter one gut-wrenching challenge after another.  Even as they are forced to navigate a labyrinth of past lives, soul-kin, and divergent timelines, Glen and Alyse remain unaware that through a sometimes-heartrending kinship of spirit, they have accompanied one another through hundreds of lifetimes across the millennia. And yet, no matter how daunting the journey or how difficult the circumstances; they have always found each other...


   JANUS PARADOX opens the Timebridge Journals, recounting the harrowing instant when the extraordinary bond shared between Glen and Alyse is threatened...


   Just before the Vancouver Olympics, Alyse is kidnapped and taken to a secret facility where the scientists of the Magnus Unlimited Research Consortium employ a brutal regimen in an attempt to force-bridge Alyse's consciousness into the future. Their aim: Recovering information the Consortium can use to manipulate people, organizations, markets, and events for its own profit.


  As Alyse struggles against MURC's nightmarish protocols, she wrenches her consciousness free, only to be sent reeling back in time nearly a thousand years where her psyche bridges into the body of her soul-kin, Ælfwyn Gærethsdotr, and right into the midst of a medieval battle.  Bewildered by her surroundings, Alyse inadvertently distracts Ælfwyn’s champion, Jarl Hrogn Hröreksson, just as he is about to deal the deathblow to an enemy. Before any of them can understand what is happening, however, Alyse is swept out of Ælfwyn's time and into yet another - one even more dangerous - her own.


   Alyse returns to the 21st century in a comatose state, still experiencing multiple bridgings with Ælfwyn living in the freehold of Hrogn Hröreksson in Viking dominated Ireland. As Alyse gradually pulls away from , she is shocked to realize she has awakened in a divergent timeline where Sgt. Glen Roderick is merely the RCMP detective assigned to investigate her mysterious disappearance and he, along with everyone else Alyse ever knew, barely knows her, leaving her vulnerable to those in charge at MURC who attempt to get her thrown off the US Olympic team so they can use her again.

   With friendships erased, lives destroyed, and her deepest soul-bond of all stripped to its sinews, Alyse’s struggles against the Olympic competition clock are nothing compared to her desperate efforts to re-right history.   Through it all Alyse is convinced that whether he remembers her or not, Sgt. Glen Roderick is still the best person to track down her kidnappers and solve the mystery of the Time divergence.   And just as Roderick is beginning to recognize that something distinctly odd is going on with Alyse's case, they are both pulled into the 12th century, bridging Ælfwyn and Hrogn out and setting them loose on the Olympic slopes while inhabiting Glen and Alyse's bodies.


   In  JANUS CYPHER,  Book Two of the Timebridge Journals, Alyse struggles to find a way to further explain the divergence to Sgt. Roderick as they seek the help of Roderick's friend, Dr. Connie Singh, a clinical psychiatrist working on Past-Life research.  In the process of participating in Dr. Singh's protocols, which the doctor refers to as Janus-Bridging, they discover that something has conjured a riptide in Time.


   - Unbeknownst to Glen, and erased from Alyse's memory, MURC's reckless meddling in the space-time continuum has created an eddy between the 12th and 21st centuries.  That eddy swiftly becomes a vortex, which continues displacing Jarl Hrogn and Lady Ælfwyn, as well as others of their soul-clan, bridging them all into a mystifying array of ‘Otherworlds’ and kindred souls, including Roderick and Alyse in 21st century Vancouver, while they are dragged back to 12th century Ireland.  Taken together, these experiences convince Alyse that the fate of Hrogn and Ælfwyn are forever entwined with her own, leaving their souls so entangled that it may never be possible for her to find a way back to her original timeline... 

"Alyse, they want to turn you into a History Mule. You've got to be ready!   You'll be entering the very Library of your Soul..."


  ~ Are You Ready?

Notable Quotes

"..Glenarthur, if you cannot be charming, would you at least attempt to appear socially house-broken?" 
~ Dr. Connie Singh to Sgt. Roderick, Book 2 Janus Cypher

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The Janus Cypher

Book Two of The Timebridge Journals is finalized!

And I'm looking for an agent, a publisher, or both - as well as Beta-Readers!


 - In The Janus Cypher, learn what soul-tearing devastation the time-eddy inflicts upon Alyse Danilov, Sgt. Glen Roderick, and others in their soul-clan, as they search for the Point of Divergence to heal their timeline, even while they're forced to introduce their Medieval soul-kin to the wonders of the 21st century...


Anticipating Book Three: TimeBound

  - To experience the source of their original soul-twinning, and to further solve other mysteries from The Janus Paradox and Janus Cypher; be looking for Book Three in  The Timebridge Journals:  TimeBound.

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