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 Beta-Reader Reviews
"...The book skids from dynamite to cliff in this inventive Perils of Pauline story... Initially drawn in by the slow brew between Alyse and her Mountie protector, and one-time beau, Glen; the evolving narrative of Alyse's 11th Century soul-twin, Ælfwyn, drove the page flips late into the night. I loved the moments when... I didn’t see that coming! The story is physical, dense, and rich in inventive detail and characters to root for - even the supporting ones. I found a cozy spot in the wintry British Columbia I know and love, while I learned much from the rich language and well-researched details that make Ælfwyn’s story so vivid...."

  - From US reader review by Melissa Litwin.

I have finished The Janus Paradox and... I LOVED IT!  What a clever, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable book. Can't wait for the next installment. (when is it due?)  The book resonated with me on several levels.  I have always believed in reincarnation but [this] book takes it to a new and different level.  And then on a more prosaic level, my maternal grandfather came from the Isle of Man and my maternal grandmother from Ireland so the basis of the book was very interesting. You, Ms. Early-Smith, must have done a massive amount of research. It is an inspired time-travel adventure - with an intriguing paranormal twist..."
  - From UK Reader Review by
Sandra Larsen
  I've read it twice now...  I've always been a fan of books that explore new mechanics for fantastic settings. This one was a pleasure all the way through. If you are a fan of time travel, romance, fantasy or just a well written book, get a copy for yourself.

~ James Armitage - New Zealand 

Nexum Fortior Quam Tempus…


A bond, woven over the centuries,

mysteriously frayed by a modern peril,

can only be mended by strangers

returning to their shared past,

challenged to once again rekindle

~ and with courage ~

reweave a kinship of soul that

has been born and born again

~ a bond that has transcended the ages.


Nexum Fortior Quam Tempus

~ A Bond Stronger Than Time ~

     C. Earle Inverleigh ignites the imagination with an Historic Fantasy series,  involving time travel by way of a person’s lineage of past lives.

     The TimeBridge Journals follow US Olympic athlete Alyse Danilov & RCMP Constable Glen Roderick as they fight to protect their clan of kindred souls, along with the intense bond they have woven over hundreds of lifetimes, from a research consortium's efforts to plunder the future through Time-Bridging.


     Most of us have witnessed the power of a soul-bond. Some are lucky enough to have experienced one: An intense mutual kinship between total strangers where your connection is so immediate and the bond knits so naturally, you're not even aware of how or when - or even why - it became a part of you.  And yet, on some level, you do know that no matter how many centuries you cross, your souls will never truly forget nor lose that inexplicable recognition.

The TimeBridge Journals

     Repeatedly thrown into the past and wrestling with an uncertain future, Olympic athlete, Alyse Danilov, and Sgt. Glen Roderick, RCMP, along with a widening circle of their soul-clan - both past and present - fight to understand what their various futures hold.

   The TimeBridge Journals record how Glen and Alyse come to understand that through a sometimes-heartrending kinship of spirit, they've accompanied one another through hundreds of lifetimes. And no matter how daunting the journey or how difficult the circumstances; they have always found each other.   


   Book One, A Janus Paradox, opens the Journals with the harrowing instance of when their extraordinary bond shared across seventeen millennia and scores of lifetimes is ripped from them...

 Book One: A Janus Paradox

   Carrigh Tor, Ireland, Beltaine night, 1102: After years of exile, Lady Ælfwyn Gærethsdotr is reunited with her champion, Jarl Hrogn Hröreksson, only to have their lives swiftly thrown into chaos by a Time-Bridging event initiated in the 21st century. As Hrogn and Ælfwyn attempt to make sense of a baffling sojourn into what they can only interpret as the Annarheim - the Otherworld - they are suddenly drawn into yet another world where they are sharing different names and faces...


   Vancouver, Canada, New Year’s Eve, 2009: US Olympic athlete, Alyse Danilov, and Sgt. Glen Roderick, RCMP, encounter one gut-wrenching challenge after another when Alyse is kidnapped six weeks before the Vancouver Winter Games. While Roderick and the RCMP instigate an intensive search, Alyse is being coerced by scientists of the Magnus Unlimited Research Consortium using nightmarish protocols to bridge her consciousness into the future - all for the sake of making a profit in the present.

    Fighting to free her psyche from MURC's torturous grip, Alyse is sent reeling back in time nearly a thousand years.  There she briefly inhabits Ælfwyn, her Soul-Kin living in Viking-dominated Ireland, while Ælfwyn is in a fight of her own.  Utterly baffled in the midst of a skirmish between armored warriors, Alyse unknowingly distracts Jarl Hrogn at a crucial moment.  Before anyone can understand what is happening, Alyse's consciousness is swept out of Ælfwyn and into yet another time - one even more dangerous - her own.

   Slowly emerging from the ordeal, Alyse fades in and out as she continues to bridge into key moments of Ælfwyn's life in the waning years of the eleventh century. When she is at last fully awake, Alyse becomes acutely aware of just how much her own timeline has changed.  Sgt. Glen Roderick is no longer her fiancé, merely the RCMP detective investigating her disappearance and possible kidnapping as a US Olympic athlete. And Roderick, along with everyone else Alyse once knew, barely knows her. 

    Alyse's fight will become more perilous still when she and this new Sgt. Roderick are both swept back into Hrogn and Ælfwyn's lives.  With friendships erased, lives destroyed, and her deepest soul-bond of all stripped away, Alyse’s struggles against the Olympic competition clock are nothing compared to her desperate efforts to re-right history...


Book Two: Janus Cypher


     After the unfathomable body-swapping time-travel venture they endure at the end of Book One, A Janus Paradox, Sgt. Glen Roderick, RCMP, and his charge, Olympic Athlete, Alyse Danilov, begin to establish a tenuous point of connection.

     Roderick and Alyse seek out the help of Dr. Connie Singh, a clinical psychiatrist in the emerging field of Quantum Psychology.  Connie insists the time-travel they experienced was caused by an extremely rare event called, "Bridging" and that Hrogn and Ælfwyn are likely soul-kin to Roderick and Alyse - psyches connected to them through their path of reincarnation. 

     With Dr. Singh's guidance, Alyse and Roderick learn to generate a Janus-Bridge - a covert sharing of consciousness with their Medieval kin, Hrogn and Ælfwyn. Through these bridging events they discover the bond with their soul-kin - and with each other - has been deeply frayed by some unknown force.  Something has caused a riptide in Time, creating an eddy between the 12th and 21st centuries, which is swiftly becoming a vortex, drawing them in against their will, along with others of their soul-clan. To heal the divergent  timeline, Alyse and Roderick must determine the original cause and stop it - if they can. ​


     With havoc being wrought from all directions, past and present, their soul clan is in disarray. Unless they can trust one another enough to work together across time, the strength of the riptide will continue to grow and it will become impossible to prevent their entire soul-clan from being destroyed - and history changed.


    Alyse and Ælfwyn may hold the key to healing the Time-divergence and the bonds that have held their soul-clan together for millennia - if only they can find the right bridge...​

"Alyse, they want to turn you into a History Mule!
You've got to be ready.
ou'll be entering the very Library
of your

~ Are You Ready?

Notable Quotes

"..Glenarthur? If you cannot be entirely charming; could you at least prove that you're socially house-broken?" 


~ Dr. Connie Singh to Sgt. Roderick,

Chapter Sixteen - Time Strategies,
Book Two - Janus Cypher

“..Think about it, Alyse. We’re freaking time travelers! We’ve been crossing nine-hundred years of history with the same effort most people put into crossing Barclay Street - give or take rush-hour.”

~ Sgt. Roderick to Alyse Danilov
Chapter Twenty-Three - Forging Into the Storm
Book Two - Janus Cypher

...Apparently, in answer to Hrogn’s internal complaints, Roderick replied, “Trust me, all right?” He dipped into the curry, and went on to insist, “I know exactly where it’s been, Your Grace…” he swallowed, “and right where it’s going.” He smiled as he chewed, then added, “Just think of me as the most personal food-tester you’ll ever have at your disposal. My stomach is proud to serve.”

   Hrogn took over to look down at Roderick’s midsection and quietly replied, “Hmm. Yes, I see...”

~ Sgt. Roderick while Janus-bridged with Jarl Hrogn

Chapter Nineteen - Dancing With Changelings

Book Two - Janus Cypher

...[Connie was] staring at him over the rim of her glasses, delivering her raised-eyebrow with a sharpshooter’s precision.

   Roderick held up a cautionary finger and said, “I swear, Constance, someday the Force is going to make you register that expression as a concealed weapon.”

   “Concealed...? Hardly.” Connie replied

~ Dr. Connie Singh & Sgt. Roderick

Chapter Nineteen - Dancing With Changelings Book Two - Janus Cypher

Images from the Journals...

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Janus Cypher

Book Two of The Timebridge Journals is finalized!

And I'm looking for an agent, a publisher, or both - as well as Beta-Readers!


 - In Janus Cypher, learn what soul-tearing devastation the time-eddy inflicts upon Alyse Danilov, Sgt. Glen Roderick, and others in their soul-clan, as they search for the Point of Divergence to heal their timeline, even while they're forced to introduce their Medieval soul-kin to the wonders of the 21st century...


Anticipating Book Three: TimeBound

  - To experience the source of their original soul-twinning, and to further solve other mysteries from A Janus Paradox and Janus Cypher; be looking for Book Three in The Timebridge Journals:  TimeBound.

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